Enjoy your moments

Make your Moments Count

A lot can happen in a day.

24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86400 seconds.

No matter how it’s measured, a day contains a lot of moments.

Good moments, like soccer games and family dinners, ice cream parties and baseball. And, those unexpected emergencies—the ones that interrupt summer fun.

“A clogged drain pipe can take days to form as you go about your daily routine. Hair, dust particles, bits of food, the UFOs (unidentified foreign objects) your toddler flushed. It can take a moment to ruin your pipes…and your day.”

If left untreated, that clogged drain can corrode your plumbing system, your schedule and your health.

When a drain clogs, stagnant water builds up behind the clog, which can breed bacteria and cause irritation for existing conditions such as asthma.

A single moment can really ruin the day for everyone.

You may be tempted to pull out the phone and search for “DIY methods to unclog drains.”

Let us save you the time.

“Popular methods of unclogging, such as liquid drain cleaners and store-bought snakes, can lead to even more problems with your drains. Not to mention—they can also be hazardous to your health.”

In the time it took you to search out methods, watch a bad-quality Youtube video, stop your dog from chewing your half-exposed pipe and get your kid contained in a car seat long enough to head for Ace Hardware—you could have called Don Shriver.

Moments are important. We understand that. That’s why we serve our surrounding area 24 hours a day. 1440 minutes. 86400 seconds.

When we say 24 hours a day, we mean it. Calling us means talking to a real person with real moments who is a lot like you.

Our team understands how important your moments are because we live them to. We have kids to take to the park, family dinners to eat turkey at, and ballgames to cheer at.

“We invest our time in quality training and high-efficiency solutions for your plumbing problems, so you don’t have to spend your time taking plumbing lessons from a viral star.”

Instead, in the time it takes to make a short phone call, we can be on our way to assess the problem and chart a solution, letting you get back to making every moment count.

On our blog in the coming weeks, we will share tips for proper drain care, in-depth looks at the latest in drain technology and glimpses into the moments that make up our days.

So, from all of us at Don Shriver’s Video Drain Service,

Seize the day, not the drain cleaner. We’ve got your moments covered.

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