Drain Jetting

Ditch the snake. Get a Gator. Call Don Shriver.

A snake may unclog your drains, but it won’t clean them like the precision technology used by hydro-jetting.

Our licensed and skilled team members use hydro-jetting to completely clean your drains, eliminating build-up and tackling even the toughest problem.

What is hydro-jetting?

A hydro-jet consists of a high-pressure hose with specialized nozzles attachable for any issue. The hose connects to a machine capable of pressurizing water at the exact force necessary to clean your drain without leaving behind soft residue.

Why choose hydro-jetting?

Snaking may be easier for home-owners to DIY, but it often leaves soft residue behind, which can easily build up into new clogs. Snakes can also only reach an area to unclog as large as their tip. They allow water through the cleared area, but leave behind what the tip has not touched.

Hydro-jetting has removable nozzles customizable for the kind of problem your drain has. It completely clears the clog, cleans your drain and leaves no residue behind. The pressure of the water can be tailored to your pipes.

Not only does hydro-jetting restore the flow of your pipes, but it also eliminates grease build-up and can remove tree roots and other plant residue as well.

Hydro-jetting is also environmentally friendly. With only water, your drain gets cleaned and unclogged—without the harmful chemicals coursing through your pipes.

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