Trenchless Sewer Repairs

There is no need to turn your property into a construction zone. Don Shriver Video Drain Service offers a more convenient and affordable way to repair your sewer pipes, with trenchless sewer repair service.

  • No destruction to your landscape and yard.
  • Save $$$ compared to traditional replacement methods.
  • Restores structural integrity, prevents root intrusion.

Sewer and Drain Repairs

When it comes to repairs, Don Shriver Video Drain Service is the only name you need to know. We offer commercial and residential drain repair services and septic system repairs for the Morgantown WV, Uniontown, Waynesburg, Preston Country, and Washington PA areas. Large or small, we handle the job from start to finish.

Video Drain Inspections

When a drain does not flow properly after being cleaned, a camera can be fed through the pipe. The camera can give the exact location of cracked pipes, swags in pipe, or other drain problems. The use of the camera allows us to see exactly what it is that we are dealing with. This allows us to devise the best course of action to resolve the problem.

Benefits of Video Drain Inspection

  • No guesswork. Avoid overkill solutions and unnecessary digging based on guesswork
  • Pinpoint problems underground. Don’t pay for repairs that aren’t your responsibility
Video Drain Inspection

Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking

Most plumbers will attempt to clear a clogged drain by poking a hole in the clog with a snake tool, with the hope that the rest of the clog will break up later. This is a temporary “fix”. This method allows more materials attach to the clog, obstructing the flow again in just a few months. Get your clog cleared the first time with hydrojetting.

What is Hydrojetting?

Pressurized drain cleaning, such as hydrojetting, uses the force of water to CLEAN the inside of your line. Pressurized drain jetting not only restores flow, but can remove grease buildup inside of your line and remove tree roots for better flow of your drains


Sewer Repairs and Replacements

Don Shriver Video Drain Service does plumbing repair services for both septic and city sewage as well as water line repair. Unclogging pipes is our specialty; however, we also do extensive pipe repairs and other necessary plumbing and maintenance services.

Sewer Repair